All our models in Kit include :
  • The frame along with the bolts and fixing lugs.
  • Roofing corrugated sheets or fiber-cement along with the ridge and all fasteners.

Application fields :

Our buildings comply with the new regulations of snow and wind. In all cases contact us to optimize your choice depending on the building site.

Our standard series :

Kit with fiber-cement roofing or steel deck

  • Basic products athwart 4, 5 and 6 m.
  • Standard heights of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 m according to models.
  • Buildings with spans and heights out of standard: contact us.

Floor anchoring :

Articulated or embedded system

Metal frame :

  • Steel beams IPE S275JR and S355JR on request with steel certificate 1st choice.
  • Paint finish: a red brown rust layer

Fasteners :

Class 8.8 (normal tightening) and HR bolts (high strength) class 10.9

Bracings :

They ensure building stability and always should remain in place (May be replaced by stability gantries). Consult us.

Coverage :

1) Kit with steel roof tray

  • Slope 10%
  • Ribbed sheet thickness 63 / 100e 1st choice prepainted, 25 microns.
  • Fixing with self-drilling screw + neoprene washer+ cavalier laqué.
  • Ridges folded sheet 63 / 100e prepainted, 25 microns

2) Kit with fiber-cement roofing

  • Slope 22%
  • Fibre cement with asbestos-free technical advice, conforming to DTU 40.37 (breakdown for livestock buildings).
  • Self-drilling Screw mounting +neoprene washer+ galvanized plate.
  • Ridges hinged fiber-cement, hinged ridge vent of fiber-cement (3 pieces)