Metal Framework

SGTI: Your Metal Structure Specialist in Morocco

SGTI positions itself as your exceptional partner in the field of metal structures in Morocco. With proven expertise and a solid reputation, we are committed to providing tailor-made metal solutions, combining quality, innovation, and reliability. With our professional approach and sophisticated know-how, we ensure flawless execution of your industrial projects, meeting the most stringent standards. Whether for industrial, commercial, or agricultural structures, SGTI embodies excellence in every aspect of metal structure design, fabrication, and installation.

Excellence at the Heart of Your Project

The creation of a metal framework, forming the core of the construction, combined with the building envelope, including roofing and
cladding, constitutes the essence of a successful industrial building.

This assembly provides architects with a real opportunity for expression, thanks to the use of specific materials, carefully chosen colors, and defined forms, allowing them to create a unique visual identity.

For the client, it represents a way to enhance their investment and significantly promote their business. The essence of this
achievement lies in quality, where the concern for meticulous implementation, combined with continuous and rigorous control, proves
to be a determining factor. Indeed, metal construction works demand proven expertise, demonstrated experience, and in-depth
technical knowledge. At SGTI, we are committed to meeting these high standards, ensuring the success and durability of your project.

General Study with SGTI: Comprehensive and Rigorous Approach

The comprehensive study of your project with SGTI encompasses several crucial stages to ensure the robustness and reliability of the structure:

1. Definition of General Characteristics

We start with a thorough analysis of the specifics related to the geographic area, soil type, and climatic conditions in order to tailor the design to the environment.

2. Global Building Modeling

A comprehensive building model is created, incorporating all key parameters to achieve an accurate representation of the future structure.

3. Preliminary Sizing of Structural Elements

Structural elements such as columns, beams, plates, etc., undergo meticulous preliminary sizing, ensuring a solid foundation for the
detailed design phase.

4. General Structure Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the structure as a whole, checking the performance of the bars and connections, and ensuring that all components meet the required safety and quality standards.

In-Depth Detail Study by SGTI:
Excellence in Structural Design

Our detailed study at SGTI extends to every aspect of the metal structure, ensuring robust design and flawless execution:

1. Analysis of the Metal Structure

We conduct a thorough analysis of the resistance to climatic actions, instability calculations, and the behavior of the metal in
situations of overloading or underloading. This ensures the durability and resilience of the structure against various stresses.

2. Design and Sizing of Assemblies

Each assembly is meticulously designed and sized to ensure maximum structural integrity, taking into account all applicable forces and constraints.

3. Development of Manufacturing Plans

We produce detailed manufacturing plans for each component, ensuring absolute precision in the production of the parts required for construction.

4. Creation of Execution Plans

The execution plans, including layout and assembly details, are carefully developed to effectively guide on-site work, ensuring implementation in accordance with specifications.