SGTI: Your Trusted Partner in Boiler Making

As a specialist in boiler making, SGTI offers a wide range of skills within our company. With expertise recognized by our clients, whose
loyalty reflects several years of collaboration, we are proud to support you in all your projects. Our areas of intervention include
chemistry, petrochemistry, agri-food, pharmaceuticals, cement plants, paper mills, and many more.

Our diverse skills combined with our commitment to excellence enable us to effectively meet your specific needs in the field of boiler
making. Trust SGTI for tailored solutions and superior quality.

Study & Production with SGTI: Complete Expertise from Design to Maintenance


At SGTI, we master the entire process, from design to maintenance, covering all aspects of your project. Our expertise includes design,
study, fabrication, and assembly of various equipment such as storage tanks, hoppers, welded structures, as well as turnkey unit

Our dedicated specialists are present at every stage of your project, providing you with personalized support. They are available from
the design phase, ensuring a smooth start-up, and remain on hand for any maintenance assistance needed. Trust SGTI for
comprehensive expertise and a reliable partnership at every stage of your project.

Our Commitments

SGTI's Expertise: Versatile Know-How and Responsiveness

SGTI's expertise relies on a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including draftsmen, preparers, boilermakers, and welders. This competent team is able to provide you with technical solutions tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, our responsiveness is one
of our strengths, allowing us to effectively and urgently respond to your requests. At SGTI, we are committed to deploying our expertise to realize your projects efficiently and professionally.

Responsiveness at SGTI: Service Excellence

Responsiveness is a core value at SGTI, where a "service-oriented mindset" is the foremost quality shared by all our team members. We adeptly combine excellent interpersonal skills with sharp technical expertise. Proud of our track record of successes, we highlight our
team of dedicated specialists to ensure your comfort and meet your requirements optimally. At SGTI, we are committed to providing exceptional responsiveness to ensure your satisfaction at every stage of our collaboration.

Adaptability at SGTI: Customized and Innovative Solutions

Adaptation lies at the heart of SGTI's approach. Our teams of professionals demonstrate a keen sense of adaptability, especially in the
most challenging situations. We are here to support you at every stage of your projects, offering customized and innovative solutions
tailored to your specific needs. Every day, our specialists are mobilized to carry out a variety of interventions in boiler making and
industrial maintenance. This constant adaptability is a key element of our commitment to operational excellence and customer
satisfaction. At SGTI, we are ready to tackle any challenge to meet your specific needs.