Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Buildings by SGTI: Modular Metal Sheds Adapted to Your Needs

As a designer and creator of modular metal sheds, SGTI offers customized solutions for agricultural hangars, perfectly meeting your
specific storage constraints such as insulation, brightness, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, etc.

The construction of an agricultural shed is often desired for:

1.  Sheltering Agricultural Machinery, Equipment, and Livestock : Our sheds provide an ideal solution for safely sheltering agricultural
machinery and equipment, as well as providing a comfortable space for livestock.

2. Storing Forage and Grain Harvests : Our modular structures enable efficient storage of forage and grain harvests, ensuring protection
against the elements and preserving the quality of agricultural products.

SGTI is committed to providing durable solutions tailored to the specific needs of agriculture, thus contributing to productivity and the
preservation of crops.